Autonomy software that makes navigation safer and less complex for space operators debuts at SCOUT – SatNews

SCOUT Inc. announced their autonomy software offers: computer vision and guidance software to make navigation safer and less complex for space operators.

These offerings include software-hardware integration providing: next-generation AI/ML-based autonomy, hybrid data fusion from various sensors, and closed-loop optical navigation control algorithms.

SCOUT’s software and hardware work together seamlessly to allow spacecraft to see and understand their surroundings with computer vision, powered by dedicated AI/ML onboard processing. SCOUT Vision The system’s closed-loop optical navigation capabilities support proximity operations, complex maneuvers, pose estimation, mooring assistance, and more. The company’s milestone today will allow its revolutionary software to work in a myriad of systems, to enable spacecraft autonomy more quickly.

Last month, SCOUT announced that Momentum, the space infrastructure company, has selected SCOUT to provide spacecraft vision capabilities for its upcoming missions. SCOUT will provide Momentus with optical sensing and relative navigation capabilities to support rendezvous and proximity operations (RPO) from 2022.

Our first SCOUT-Vision system was launched into orbit in June 2021 and the software packages we offer today are partly due to the success of this mission.,” noted Eric Ingram, co-founder and CEO of SCOUT. “SCOUT is working toward a future where spacecraft operations can be autonomous and space traffic is continuously monitored from orbit. What we are announcing today takes us a few steps further on this journey..”

Space operators are interested in more autonomous execution in orbit and SCOUT is very enthusiastic about meeting these needs for situational awareness, maneuver assurance and safety,” noted Vladimir Baranov, CIO/COO of SCOUT. “Our proximity operations algorithms facilitate complex operations, high-precision onboard state propagation, and handle closed-loop optical navigation.”

SCOUT was founded in 2019 with the mission to enable a new era of security and transparency in space. SCOUT’s space products and services, first launched in June 2021, enable spacecraft to see and understand the things around them. The distributed sensor orbital network developed by SCOUT will significantly improve space domain awareness (SDA) and ensure responsible use of the space environment. The company is a startup backed by Techstars, MassChallenge, and a company with ongoing government contracts and paid commercial pilots.