Avidyne’s AviOS10.3 software for in-flight displays gains FAA approval

Avidyne announced that its AviOS10.3 operating system software has been certified for its Integrated Flight Display (IFD) series of FMS/GPS/nav/coms and Atlas/Helios FMS systems.

The company said it applied for and received FAA approval earlier this summer because FLYING premiering at the EAA AirVenture in Oshkosh, Wisconsin. In a statement, Avidyne said Technical Standard Order Approval (TSOA) and FAA Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) approval for AviOS10.3 now allows the company to begin shipping new units, as well as upgrades for the large base of existing units. Avidyne customers.

“We encountered several challenges bringing AviOS10.3 to market,” Avidyne Chairman and CEO Dan Schwinn said in a statement, “including, of course, the global pandemic and supply chain crises. Avidyne has continued to innovate and we are excited to bring these new features to our current and future customers.”

Schwinn said the update includes “several important new features and functionality” that FMS customers will find useful.

New features

The product’s visual approach feature provides stabilized guidance on any runway in the database, even if there is a published approach to the runway.

The AviOS10.3 software update will include visual approaches for all tracks in the database. As shown on this Avidyne IFD 550, the upgrade also allows pilots to select flight stages. [Courtesy: Avidyne]

“Additionally, our implementation of visual approaches allows pilots to select direct, base or downwind inputs, as well as an angle of descent with intuitive operation,” said John Talmadge, vice president of worldwide sales of Avidyne.

The software update also includes features for helicopter pilots. Talmadge said these included a RADALT display, a powerline database, a half-mile zoom range, and a three arcsecond high-definition terrain database option.

Other key system features include:

  • Visual approaches
  • VNAV (review on IFD5XX)
  • Support VHF COM/NAV tandem/remote setting in dual installations.
  • CDI scaling for ocean mode
  • GI275 interface
  • Map zoom up to 1/2 mile
  • Power lines added to database
  • RADALT display (via 429)
  • RF legs
  • Additional ADS-B weather products
  • View ADS-B traffic and weather from handheld devices
  • Extended Support for Flight Operational Quality Assurance (FOQA)
  • Support for twin-engine aircraft on the Fuel calc page
  • Ability to import user waypoints from a CSV file
  • Improved Wi-Fi configuration for easier integration with Stratus, Foreflight and other Wi-Fi connected devices.
  • Improved driver installation and configuration pages
  • Up to 10 user profiles
  • weight calculator
  • TAWS certified (optional)
  • 3 arc second HD terrain data (optional)

Field loadable

While the new IFD and FMS units will ship with the new software already integrated, the company said AviOS10.3 is available as a field-loadable upgrade through authorized Avidyne resellers for existing owners. However, while AviOS10.3 software is available for free from Avidyne, the company said customers should note that reseller installation labor is not included. The upgrade allows customers to activate an approved Terrain Avoidance and Warning System (TAWS) for the new IFD and ATLAS systems. The TSO’d TAWS feature for the new IFD and Atlas systems is a $7,999 per aircraft option, including the higher resolution three arcsecond terrain database.