Best payroll software for 2022: Compare providers

Key Features of Payroll Software Solutions

While payroll features alone are useful for businesses, payroll solutions often offer additional features that can further benefit an organization. Below are some of the important features you can look for when choosing payroll software for your team.

Benefits Dashboard

A benefits dashboard can be useful for organizations looking to manage their benefits. Having all relevant benefits information online in a self-service platform can simplify the benefits selection process, while making your team members feel more confident and in control.

Forms management

The ability to manage and store important forms on one platform can make integration easier, as the necessary documentation can be managed and uploaded within the software tool. Additionally, user access permissions will keep documentation secure, so sensitive information remains confidential.

Taxes and compliance

Most payroll software systems have features for tax compliance and management. This can make tax season more manageable and ensure proper filing procedures are followed within your organization. Additionally, some software solutions even allow users to easily file their taxes into the system.

Self-service mobile app

While mobile apps are great for viewing information on the go, self-service mobile apps allow your employees to report and adjust their time within the app. This means that, rather than having to wait to complete timesheets, they can do so immediately, wherever they are.

Leave requests

Leave requests are simplified in some software tools, allowing team members to request a PTO in advance through the system. This means that rather than spending time writing an email to their supervisor, they can easily send the request into the system with just a few simple clicks.

Third-party integrations

Third-party integrations are always useful for work software. With payroll software in particular, this means you can extend the functionality of the platform, by accessing information and data from other business tools. This way, you will have an easier time visualizing and using all your data.

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