Best Product Management Certifications for 2022

As a product manager, it’s essential to stay on top of the latest product management strategies, ideas, and launches. One way to do this is to get a certification in product management. Here we will cover the best product management certifications to enhance your product management career in 2022.

What is Product Management?

Product management encompasses the best practices, strategies, and processes that ensure a company produces a product that satisfies the customer. Duties of product managers include researching competitors and the market, developing product strategies and plans, communicating plans to stakeholders, creating and adhering to a product roadmap, and in place of a feedback loop with customers in order to continuously improve the product.

What is a Product Stewardship Certification?

A product management certification is an attestation obtained through training in the areas of product management, including, but not limited to:

  • Customer experience research
  • End user testing
  • Market research
  • Product development and lifecycle management
  • Product roadmap planning

Although a product manager learns these areas on the job, they benefit from learning more innovative and effective ways to approach these skills.

Best Product Management Certifications for 2022

AIPMM certified product manager title

Best For: Mid-level professionals looking to hone their product lifecycle management skills

The Association of International Product Marketing & Management (AIPMM) offers, among other things, the title of Certified Product Manager (CPM). It is aimed at established product management professionals. This degree demonstrates competence in the development, launch and continuous improvement of products based on global best practices.

The program focuses on the internal functions that ensure the success of the product lifecycle, from initial idea to final launch. Those enrolling in the Certified Product Manager program will receive training in areas such as:

  • Competitive analysis
  • Development of product launch plans
  • Market planning
  • Modeling of the Phase-Gate process
  • Modeling the product life cycle project
  • Product/market data modeling
  • Product specifications
  • Writing segmented business plans

The exam costs $395 for members and $520 for non-members. Registering for the exam as a non-member includes the annual AIPMM membership fee of $125.

PDMA Professional New Product Development Certificate

Best for: Professionals with 2-5 years of experience looking to move into leadership

The Product Development and Management Association offers the Professional New Product Development (NPD) certificate. A not-for-profit board of directors comprised of global experts in product development and innovation management administers the NPDP exam, which is open to product managers, product team members, product and those responsible for innovation.

The NPDP credential attests to an individual’s mastery of new product development principles and end-to-end product processes. It also identifies people who have the skills, knowledge and experience to manage product lines and product teams, making them suitable for leadership positions.

One week PM from PMHQ

Ideal for: Aspiring Product Managers

Product Manager HQ (PMHQ) hosts a variety of certification topics, including its week-long Product Management Certification. It’s a good starting point especially for new product managers, but even more experienced product managers could benefit from this week-long course.

The course is made up of learning modules focused on the practical application of acquired skills. At the start of the week-long course, users learn the fundamental skills and methodologies of product management. From there, users learn how to conduct end-user research, define product specifications, and perform prototype development and testing.

At the end of the week, learners create comprehensive product roadmaps and learn about the key marketing and technical functions involved in product management. The course also prepares learners for job interviews and ends with a final exam. By registering and taking the course, users gain lifetime access to the course, one-on-one mentorship, and entry into a large community of product management professionals.

Product School Certification in Product Management

Best for: New product managers looking for a path to executive leadership

The Product Management certification by Product School is a great starting point for new product managers. Students can enroll in a schedule that works best for them, whether it’s the eight-week part-time track or the five-day full-time intensive track.

At the beginning of the course, learners discover how to identify opportunities and target customers before learning the software product life cycle from start to finish (from ideation to launch). Throughout the course, learners have access to seasoned product managers who have extensive experience in developing software products.

After completing the course, users have lifetime access to a professional community of product managers and a login to insert into their LinkedIn profile to be recognized by hiring managers.

Product School offers two additional certifications. The Product Manager certificate is perfect for those who have around three years of product management experience and want to take the next step in their career. The Product Executive certificate is ideal for current product managers who want to learn how to evolve products and lead dynamic teams.

Other areas of product management specialization

For product management professionals looking to gain knowledge in a particular area of ​​product management, the certifications below may be of interest.

AIPMM Agile Certified Product Management and Owner Credential

Ideal for: Professionals of any level who want to become Agile Product Managers

AIPMM provides Agile Certified Product Manager and Product Owner (ACPMPO) credentials. Earning this certification demonstrates in-depth knowledge of basic and advanced Agile product management and Agile product ownership strategies and tactics. This certification demonstrates an individual’s excellent command of Agile product management.

This course covers all the basic Product Owner concepts, as well as the following:

  • Effective leadership within Agile teams
  • Product Owner Strategies for the Entire Product Lifecycle
  • Successful integration of business strategy, product management and Agile processes

The exam costs $395 for members and $520 for non-members. Registering for the exam as a non-member includes the annual AIPMM membership fee of $125. The certification course is available in self-study or in-person format.

AIPMM Certified Digital Product Manager Diploma

Best for: Experienced product managers looking to specialize in digital product management

The Certified Digital Product Manager (CDPM) designation shows that an individual understands and excels in the practical skills, processes, and concepts for successful digital product management. Those who earn this certification have proven to fully understand concepts from multiple disciplines, such as Lean Methodology, Task Theory, and Design Thinking.

Upon completion, individuals receive a free resume review to ensure job readiness and effective communication of new skills and knowledge.

The exam costs $395 for members and $520 for non-members. Registering for the exam as a non-member includes the annual AIPMM membership fee of $125.

Technical PM of a week of Product School

Ideal for: Aspiring Technical Product Managers

Product School’s One Week Technical PM certification teaches the basics of technical product management, how to develop high-quality software products, and how to market yourself to employers when applying for jobs.

Topics highlighted in the course include:

  • Front-end and back-end web and mobile application frameworks
  • machine learning
  • Product analysis and experimentation
  • Product security and user data privacy
  • System design and architectural models in software products
  • Virtual reality

Each day of the course allows learners to apply what they have learned in practical projects.

Choosing the right product management certification

There are several course and exam offerings, each with its own focus and level of knowledge required, as well as scheduling and payment options.

First think about what motivates you to get a product management certification. If you’re looking to get started in product management, the entry-level courses featured here are a great place to start, but consider enrolling in a more comprehensive program that will also fit your budget (PMHQ or Product School certification). Aspiring product managers who have a particular goal in mind should check out Product School’s Technical PM credentials.

For product managers with some work experience under their belt, flexible options are key, since you’re already dedicating more than 40 hours of your normal work schedule to product management. AIPMM offers flexible format options and the NPDP PDMA certification is an affordable program to consider.

Whether you’re new to product management or looking to hone your acquired skills as a seasoned professional, there are many product management certification options available to help you advance in your product management career.

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