Bottle Rocket Celebrates Unprecedented 500% Growth in Product Stewardship Practice and Hopes to Continue Expanding in 2022 and Beyond

Bottle Rocket’s product management practice was designed and scaled with product strategy in mind. By placing more emphasis on this core capability, Bottle Rocket has been able to add even more value to businesses through iterative product development. The company is focused on bringing MVPs (minimum viable products) to market first and then continuously adding incremental features, enhancements and bug fixes as part of a long-term product strategy, while incorporating user feedback.

“The company plans to continue investing in its thriving product management practice as the need for product-related services and capabilities grows and becomes an even more important foundation for those relying on sustainable digital solutions. and successful for their businesses,” says Rajesh Midha, CEO of Bottle Rocket. “This growth is a testament to the value of this discipline and the imperative role it plays in the overall creation and lifecycle of a leading digital experience. I am so proud of our team members and our leadership for all they have accomplished and will accomplish. in the future.”

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