BT’s new platform promises to cut AI development time from months to days

BT Group has confirmed that a new machine learning (ML) platform has been rolled out across the company, which promises to shorten artificial intelligence (AI) product development from six months to six days .

The new platform is called AI Accelerator and is responsible for continuously monitoring the health and performance of AI models built by BT’s digital team.

AI Accelerator will specifically accelerate both the administrative and technical process needed to ensure an AI product or use case is ready for deployment, BT said.

The introduction of standardized tools and data management are a number of key platform features that will accelerate the deployment of safer AI models across the enterprise.

Months, he said, will also be freed up for the company’s data scientists and analysts through streamlined software updates and monitoring.

From a performance perspective, the new platform will indicate any “drift” from baseline standards while the model analyzes the data. This may involve displaying alerts when scan performance becomes weaker or less accurate, for example.

There will also be metrics built into the tool’s monitoring functionality that are designed to check whether AI models are in line with the company’s responsible technology principles.

AI is often scrutinized for the biases it can hold and the unethical ways it is deployed, but BT aims to make its models as cyber-secure and ethical as possible, with data privacy also being an issue. key priority.

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AI models developed by BT’s digital team underpin all the AI-based technology that is implemented in its products, extracting data from a 29-petabyte domain that BT calls its “brain digital”.

Potential use cases for the models soon to be developed in record time include products to personalize the services BT already provides to customers.

Another is the development of the propensity for churn patterns, he said. These models are designed to offer estimates of the likelihood that a given customer will abandon a company’s service within a given time frame.

“A fundamental guiding principle for BT Group is to find a way to safely accelerate the time to value, in pounds per petabyte, of data,” said Adrian Joseph, Managing Director of Data and AI at BT Group. .

“AI Accelerator paves the way for us to faster value with clear monitoring of AI use case metrics and performance.” Digital’s aim is to underpin over £500m of internal value from data and AI as a whole, through improved customer experience and increased efficiency within each of the units Group businesses over the next five years and to help fuel the transformation needed to support BT Group’s long term. – long-term success.

The new platform was built by BT’s digital team in conjunction with Datatonic, a London-based data and AI consultancy that is also a Google Cloud Partner.

BT and Google Cloud already have a close relationship. Earlier this year, BT chose the cloud giant as its lead partner to drive an enterprise-wide digital transformation project.

“Thanks to the work the team has done to accelerate our migration to Google Cloud, we have a healthy test bed for AI Accelerator and we see it catalyzing AI acceleration across the group,” said said Dr Zoe Webster, Director of Artificial Intelligence at BT Group Data and AI. crew.

“As we move forward, we will be able to track the health and performance of our AI use cases in real time, ensuring consistent, safe and ethical delivery of the value of our resources. phenomenal data.”

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