CEDIA transfers ownership of TCD software to original creator

CEDIA transferred ownership of The CEDIA Designer (TCD) software to Guy Singleton, the original creator and owner of the design and proposal software. The software will also return to its original name: The Cinema Designer. Singleton originally sold the software to the association in August 2018.

“CEDIA and Guy Singleton have made the decision to transfer ownership of the program to Guy Singleton – The Cinema Designer. We intend to do this starting March 15, 2022, with minimal disruption to you, the users of the tool,” said Daryl Friedman, CEDIA Global President and CEO in a joint statement with Singleton. to industry.

“With new leadership at CEDIA and a redoubled focus on essential association services to the industry, CEDIA is focused on its core mission. The CEDIA Designer is loved by hundreds of system designers around the world, and we believe that the person best placed to ensure its continued effectiveness and future development is the person who created it. So we know that The CEDIA Designer – and you – will be in good hands for continued use of the tool, now called “The Cinema Designer”.

Discounted membership will continue to be offered to CEDIA members, and all prepaid membership fees will be honored or refunded. In the coming weeks, we will communicate with you to update you on the transfer and to make it as transparent as possible.

DCT software is a powerful home theater design tool – crunching the numbers and spitting out “technically correct” setups for everything from screen size to speaker and furniture placement, plus documentation for resellers, the end users and the professions concerned.

For many integrators, the software replaces the need to hire an outside CAD specialist at $200 an hour to create schematics and drawings for a customer as part of a design deposit. For some projects, it can generate page after page of design and proposal documents in just a few hours.

TCD software provides calculations for audio, video, seating, acoustics, wall construction, documentation, proposals and more.