Check Point Software Technologies Presents New Strategic Direction at Annual CPX 360 Event and Unveils World’s Fastest Firewall

Check Point® Software Technologies Ltd. (NASDAQ:CHKP), one of the world’s leading providers of cybersecurity solutions, recently held its annual series of customer and partner events, CPX 360. The three-day online event saw the presentation of the new solution from Check Point Quantum light speed technology, now the fastest firewall in the world, offering 20 times the price-performance ratio of competing vendors, as well as the launch of Check Point’s first rebrand in nearly 30 years and a review of innovations scheduled for 2022.

In his keynote titled, “You Deserve the Best Security,” Founder and CEO Gil Shwed opened the event by talking about the major transformation of the business, which has occurred in response to the new post era. -COVID and the increased dependency of the world. on the network. “Today, more than ever, the online puzzle needs to be secure. The level of attack sophistication continues to increase. Generation V attacks are something we experience every day: chain attacks supply chain, ransomware threats that can destroy an entire hospital or an entire pipeline for half the United States, and vulnerabilities like we just saw last month with Log4j. the most difficult years in terms of cyberattacks.

“You deserve the best security” was also the slogan of the new company logo and marks a new strategic momentum for Check Point to urge organizations to implement comprehensive “prevent first” security solutions that can cope. cyber pandemic: “All attacks through 2021, from Solar Winds to Log4J, were Generation V multi-vector attacks. In the face of such threats, organizations can no longer afford to compromise by matters of security. Second best is not enough. Second best does not work. Second best will blow you away,” Shwed said.

He explained how the Check Point Infinity architecture is the foundation of what Check Point does. It provides a unified solution for every possible threat, based on three pillars: Quantum to secure the network, CloudGuard for comprehensive cloud security, and Harmony to secure users and access, wherever they are, across all platforms and regardless of their connection. All of this is based on the Infinity Vision management software and the ThreatCloud, which is the “brain” connecting all elements and providing real-time protection against all threats across all vectors. Shwed added that Check Point Infinity is the only architecture in the industry that gives you the broadest security coverage for all attack vectors: mobile, network, enterprise email, web servers, endpoints and cloud. It was the only AI technology that blocked Log4j on day zero.”

Company news Quantum light speed firewall technology for data centers, signals Check Point’s determination to address the changing threat landscape in light of the 50% over the year-year increase in cyberattacks discovered in the company’s 2022 security report. The new solution is the result of a collaboration with ASIC developer Nvidia, a company that has a long-standing relationship with Check Point.

“Quantum Lightspeed represents the latest innovation in our Quantum portfolio and, with increased throughput, ultra-low latency and better value, aims to launch the biggest network security revolution in over a decade” , Shwed said.

Check Point Chief Product Officer, Dr. Dorit Dor, sees the introduction of the Nvidia GPU, with its improved processing power, as a key part of the company’s drive to take full advantage of AI in securing networks to provide the best real-time prevention of Generation V attacks. She commented, “We need to stay ahead of emerging threats and for that we need scalable technology that can identify and emerge alongside threats. So we are designing AI into our platform. “Next-gen fire. We see ourselves evolving in terms of how to take advantage of GPUs to accelerate AI computation.”

Itai Greenberg, Head of Product Management at Check Point, spoke about plans in 2022 for all three product pillars. On the network side, he described the developments of the Quantum product family, focusing on the new Quantum Lightspeed Gateway, commenting, “Quantum Lightspeed is redefining price performance. We give you more than five times the performance of the previous generation gateway. On CloudGuard, he reviewed the latest developments in securing the Cloud DevOps environment while highlighting that Check Point was the only cloud security vendor to offer preemptive security protection against the Log4j vulnerability as of December 2021. end-user access, he pointed out that Check Point Harmony is actually five solutions in one, providing a cohesive security experience where others offer multiple products for different types of threats and endpoint vectors. He also explained how the SASE Harmony Connect solution is ideal for mixed security environments of branch office networks, remote users and contractors using unmanaged devices, all requiring the highest level of protection.

Maya Horowitz, vice president of research at Check Point Software, discussed the potential “cyberpower” wielded by security researchers in her keynote, “Hacking Like a White Hat Witch,” and how Check Point was using that power. for real. Discussing companies turning a blind eye to cybercrime, Horowitz said, “If you ignore it, if you don’t learn about it, you can’t protect yourself from it.”

Oded Vanunu, Head of Product Vulnerability Research, discussed all things blockchain and non-fungible tokens (NFTs) in his talk, “Inside Your Crypto Wallet.” He commented that blockchain is “definitely not a passing trend” and “in many ways is a revolution similar to the internet when it was first conceived”.

This year’s CPX 360 also featured external speakers such as TikTok Chief Security Officer Roland Coultier and eight-time Olympic champion Usain Bolt, who gave a keynote on what it takes to be the best. . A conversation with social media luminary and justice campaigner George Takei also took place on the final morning of the event, where he shared his own insights into the safety and twisted nature of social media.

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Check Point Software Technologies Ltd. ( is a leading provider of cybersecurity solutions for businesses and governments worldwide. Check Point Infinity’s portfolio of solutions protects businesses and public organizations against 5and generation-to-generation cyberattacks with an industry-leading capture rate of malware, ransomware and other threats. Infinity comprises three main pillars delivering uncompromising security and Generation V threat prevention in enterprise environments: Check Point Harmony, for remote users; Check Point CloudGuard, to automatically secure clouds; and Check Point Quantum, to protect network perimeters and data centers, all controlled by the industry’s most comprehensive and intuitive unified security management. Check Point protects more than 100,000 organizations of all sizes.