Director of Product Management – Refresh Miami

Sunstone is seeking a Director of Product Management who will be responsible for managing, executing and building a product management organization, driving efficient and effective product management processes within the business as well as implementing product management processes to effectively execute Sunstone Credit’s mission. to provide companies with financial solutions to go solar. In this role, you will work closely with the leadership team to develop roadmaps, direction and product vision for the execution of Sunstone Credit’s mission.

Main responsibilities

You will oversee and be accountable to the Chief Technology Officer and stakeholders for all activities of the Product Management department at Sunstone Credit.

Collaboration between teams

You will liaise with the other Product Line Managers at Sunstone Credit. These are the directors of the underwriting, business development, design, finance and strategy departments. The goal is for you to position the leadership team to translate product needs into requirements and drive consensus across product departments, which ultimately drives the achievement of product goals. This collaboration will lead to a clear and efficient product roadmap, product planning, prioritization and an overall agile product development process.

Direction of products and proposals

You will perform analysis using information and formulations of solutions and product strategies presented. You will create and receive product proposals from other departments and ensure they align with product direction, timeline and vision.

Stakeholder management

You will keep stakeholders updated on the process and product progress.

Vision creation

As the leader of the product department organization, you will develop an understanding and cultivate in department members the product vision, business case, as well as compile the product planning material needed to drive product initiatives forward. produced with clarity and consensus.

Product life cycle and process

Along with other product managers, you will define and oversee the product roadmap and manage it as needed to achieve deliverables for the business. You will integrate the existing development backlog and establish priorities determined by business, consumer and market needs.

Consumer Relations

You will be seated close to customers and involved stakeholders to engage extensively to gain first-hand insight into consumer and market feedback on the company’s product. First-hand insights combined with consumer and market insights combined with that of other product managers at Sunstone Credit will provide a clearer understanding of current and future market direction, needs and potential receptivity.

Product/market strategy

You will work with the Strategy and Marketing department to develop marketing strategies, lead generation strategies and sales strategies. This may also involve working with the business development and marketing team to create financial products and onboarding processes at Sunstone Credit for our stakeholders.

Research and analysis

You will perform and conduct relevant product research to establish competitive intelligence and various market analyses.

Product evangelism

You will represent the company and promote the product by defending its value and benefits at executive briefings, marketing events, online consumer platforms, etc.

Who are you
Sunstone Credit is a fast-start environment, which means the Director of Product Management has an entrepreneurial edge. You can approach your job creatively, in that you introduce processes, perform product reviews, and create execution workflows based on the current business situation. You are the master of the ability to pivot and adapt when it makes sense and check the blind spots of existing processes. You will bring your extensive product management experience to the table to apply exactly what is needed to effectively grow the product and consumer base. Each phase of the product will be the result of iteration over team and stakeholder requirements, and you are exceptionally good at considering all parties to achieve a smooth execution.

You are someone who aligns your behaviors with the core values ​​of the Sunstone Credit Engineering team:

Responsibility – You are diligent in your work, take responsibility for execution, and plan to grow in your position within the company along with the team and the product. Responsibility means ownership to you.
Solution-oriented – You come to the table with solutions through research. When there are inefficiencies or issues identified in the product or team, you are solution-oriented in your approach.
Growth mindset – You believe that skills and capabilities can be developed through collaboration and close feedback loops within the team and with stakeholders. You believe that improvement and learning are at the heart of successful product execution.
Be Stakeholder Driven – You enjoy driving progress by keeping all stakeholders in the Sunstone Credit ecosystem (banks, borrowers, installers and internal business partners) at the forefront of your work.
Kindness – You value respectful communication and the tone of conversation and communication to maintain a high quality work and team environment with your colleagues. You take the phrase “kill them with kindness” seriously.
5+ years of product management experience
Experience with data products/pipelines, design systems, or creating enterprise customer experience products
Ability to move fluidly between technical capabilities, partner needs/requirements, user experience as well as the ability to drill down into details
Strong communication skills – managing internal, external and developer expectations and capabilities through copywriting, presentations and other artifacts
Ability to navigate business objectives and translate technical projects into business KPIs
CS or other technical degree preferred but not required

Note: This is a remote workstation as our entire team is remote.