Ford F-150 Lightning Towing Capacity Improves With New Range Software

The Ford F-150 Lightning’s towing capacity of up to 10,000 pounds is a boon for owners, but comes with added stress associated with towing weight, road conditions, weather, etc., over long distances. To address this issue, Ford is introducing three smart technologies for the 2022 Lightning that can accurately calculate the trucks’ remaining range using real-time conditions.

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Three Ford-exclusive systems work seamlessly to provide range estimates based on real-life towing experiences and real-time energy consumption. These three breakthrough technologies include Smart Range, FordPass powers my trip, and exclusive class available On-board scales. In addition, Trailer Profile stores information about the energy consumption of different trailers.

The smart technologies to accurately estimate the towing capabilities of the Ford full-size electric truck

Photo: Ford

Smart Range

The brains behind more confident and rewarding towing experiences is Ford’s exclusive Intelligent Lineup. It gathers important data about drivers in real time, taking into account their speed, weather conditions, available battery capacity, driving style, type of road, etc., to provide an assessment of the autonomy as precise as possible.

Boosting the system for more accurate range estimates is a cloud-based technology that pulls in information about power consumption from other Ford electric vehicles operating under similar conditions.

The smart range is aided by optional Ford on-board scales that calculate the load effects of other similar trailers and cargo to fine-tune the system through over-the-air software updates.

The Lightning will also study the owner’s driving habits to provide an accurate range figure. For example, if they drive with a heavy foot or if their trailer load is close to the maximum limit of 10,000 pounds, the software will adjust its range rating accordingly. And, of course, Ford’s new EV pickup sports a frunk to haul those extras.

Power My Trip for towing over long distances

Ford F-150 Lightning Smart Hitch
Ford F-150 Lightning Smart Hitch. Photo: Ford
FordPass powers my trip
FordPass powers my journey. Photo: Ford

The face of the confident, more reliable towing experience is FordPass Power My Trip technology. This is an online mapping system allowing drivers to enter their trailer details into the trailer profile and then add their destination into the SYNC 4/4A navigation system (they can also through the FordPass app). Once they’ve done that, Intelligent Range works its magic, displaying their tow map as well as charging points along their route.

Currently more than 20,000 charging points and 70,000 outlets in North America

Luckily, Lightning owners can use any of the charging stations in the Ford BlueOval charging network, made up of more than 20,000 locations and 70,000 outlets in North America. These stations include more than 7,300 DC fast chargers, providing up to 150 kW of power. Using an Electrify America 150kW charger, an Extended Range Lightning Truck can go from 15% to 80% in 41 minutes.

Without a doubt, the Blue Oval has worked very hard to build its first electric truck and the whole ecosystem around it. Customers will also have free 120- or 240-volt AC charging cables to charge anywhere they get an outlet. Additionally, customers who purchase the Extended Range Lightning would be happy to get an 80 amp Ford Pro charging station that they can fix at home. The Ford Charge Station Pro costs $1,310 (excluding tax) for standard line customers.

As owners get used to these smart new technologies, they will indeed be able to change their routines, says Linda Zhang, chief engineer of the F-150 Lightning.

F-150 Lightning Price

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The 2022 Ford F-150 Lightning will hit the road in the coming months. Across the United States, a full-size electric pickup truck is now available for less than $40,000. In Canada, the entry-level commercial model starts at $58,000, while the XLT model starts at $68,000.