Free software for lubricator configuration

SKF recently announced an update to its free software program, DialSet 7.0, to further streamline the configuration of its automatic lubricator.

After selecting the correct criteria and grease for the application, the new fully updated program calculates the correct settings for SKF pumps and automatic lubricators. This helps to ensure that the right lubrication as well as the right amount is released at the right time. It also provides a quick tool for relubrication intervals and quantity calculations, as well as recommending better and more cost effective solutions.

“Precise lubrication is fundamental to extending bearing life, resulting in high equipment availability, extended life cycle and subsequent plant availability,” notes SKF Product Manager – MyPro. Eddie Martens. “However, applying the right amount of lubricant at the right time is just as important as the lubrication process itself.” It also highlights the financial implications associated with over-lubrication and the accompanying high grease consumption as well as under-lubrication which can potentially lead to equipment failure and subsequent production downtime.

Accurate calculations of lubrication intervals, which are determined by the properties of the selected grease, minimize the risk of under- or over-lubrication while optimizing grease consumption. The calculations, based on SKF lubrication theories combined with best practice, take into account a range of factors including automatic lubrication systems and grease dispensing rates. This helps ensure the correct lubricator setting is selected.

The company notes that recent system updates include the full range of its high-performance lubricants for ease of use and application. SKF DialSet 7.0 is claimed to be able to calculate dispensing parameters for LAGD electromechanical and gas-powered single point units (TLSD, TLSD 1-DK) as well as SKF electromechanical single point automatic lubricant dispenser (TLMR series) and SKF Multipoint lubricators (TLMP series). The updated software also includes a comprehensive list of SKF System 24 accessories for easy reference.

The app is designed to be used on any smart device and all calculations will be downloaded to the device allowing offline use. The tool is currently available in English and other languages ​​will be available soon.