Honeywell Launches Software Solution | Industrial distribution

ATLANTA — Honeywell on Thursday announced the Honeywell Connect 2022 product launch event of new offerings and enhancements for Honeywell Forge, its enterprise performance management software solution designed to help customers accelerate the digital transformation of their operations.

Among the offerings announced at the event, the new Honeywell Forge Performance+ for Industrials | Asset Performance helps customers improve operational productivity and reduce costs by improving asset and process performance.

“We are proud to launch our cloud-native Asset Performance solution which will bring scalable and more secure advanced asset health monitoring, predictive analytics and process optimization to help organizations operate more efficiently,” said Kevin Dehoff. , President and CEO of Honeywell Connected Enterprise. “We are also introducing several enhancements to our current software offerings in the industrial and smart building sectors that help businesses run key processes more productively, while giving them greater visibility into how they can reduce their operating costs.

As part of the new Honeywell Forge Performance+ for Industrials suite, Asset Performance helps ensure asset reliability and energy efficiency through real-time asset monitoring using predictive models integrated with deep domain expertise . Asset Performance can help both detect potential asset health issues and predict possible time to failure to proactively improve plant availability.

“At Kairos, we use Asset Performance solutions from Honeywell for what we call our reliability mining approach,” said Claudio Zamora, president of Kairos Mining. “This approach allows us to operate more efficiently, reduce our operating costs and be more profitable by bringing together fragmented data, orchestrating complex calculations, providing early warnings, performance calculations and dashboards For us, Asset Performance solutions are more than a maintenance tool, they are the key element of our “conditions” approach to operations.

According to Inderpreet Shoker, senior analyst at ARC Advisory Group, organizations are looking for enterprise-wide asset performance management that relies on the availability and adoption of machine learning technologies capable of processing massive amounts of data through modern cloud technologies.

“The Performance+ Suite delivers end-to-end asset reliability through a prescriptive modular approach, delivering the commercial-grade results customers are looking for,” Shoker said. “With its unique and holistic three-layer asset modeling combined with its extensive library of performance data, the solution helps users have more confidence in their ability to predict and apply proactive asset maintenance strategies.”

Enhancements to existing Honeywell software solutions

Honeywell is also launching enhancements for other software in the industrial and smart building sectors.


  • Honeywell Plantwide Optimizer – End-to-end solution that integrates near real-time planning, operations and blending, features new modeling enhancements designed to enable organizations to achieve greater process control and higher yields with less of waste.
  • Honeywell Operations Management – User experience enhancements designed to help industrial operations managers better monitor, document and proactively operate their industrial processes to reduce downtime, increase throughput and yields and normalize team relations.
  • Honeywell Workforce Competency – Enhancements to the simulation-based experiential learning solution to develop and improve the skills of today’s industrial workforce include personalized dashboards and a new direct link to the security manager.

Smart buildings:

  • Honeywell Forge Performance+ for buildings | Energy Optimization provides cloud-based, real-time automated system optimization software that continuously optimizes HVAC system operation for facilities with artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML). It is designed to help reduce energy expenditure with little or no impact on the comfort level of building occupants. The solution provides energy, carbon and sustainability benefits to help improve visibility to meet sustainability goals.
  • Honeywell Forge Performance+ for buildings | Site Performance brings together new features for building managers, including a new mobile app that further extends a building operator’s ability to monitor, configure and control building assets while on the go. It provides easy-to-access performance indicators so users can understand facility status, visualize occupant comfort levels, identify underperforming assets, and uncover critical issues in buildings. The new Centralized Control add-on for Site Performance gives building operators the ability to remotely view, investigate and resolve issues from a central location. It provides a portfolio-wide operational overview with advanced analytics, problem identification, root cause analysis, remote resolution, traceability and knowledge management. Additionally, the solution also offers enhancements such as plug-and-play wireless sensors that provide predictive maintenance visibility using AI and ML techniques to help determine failure mode, presenting normative details such as the remaining useful life of building assets.
  • Sine Lobbies – A new multi-tenant solution allowing each tenant to customize and manage the visitor check-in and approval process for their co-located site and teams based on their unique needs through a single kiosk for all of the building. Sine Lobbies simplifies the visitor journey and enables building operators to create a premium visitor experience.