How to reduce development time with SaaS Boilerplate

Have you ever created a SaaS application and released it to the public? If so, how long did it take you to complete it? Indeed, it must have taken you time and required a lot of skills.

It takes a few months to create the frontend and backend, integrate it with third-party apps, etc. Today, there are solutions that can reduce the time you spend on setup and integration by up to 80% and help you grow your SaaS faster. React SaaS Boiler d’Apptension can help you complete your project in 3 days instead of 3 weeks or months.

Let’s start with how you can go about it.

How to Accelerate Development with SaaS Boilerplate

Developers want to bring digital products to market quickly while maintaining high quality. However, developing basic SaaS features such as logins, user management, user authentication, payments, subscriptions, and user emails takes up a lot of project time. Since these elements are common to almost all digital products, one might be tempted to paste high-quality code and continue instead of starting from scratch.

The good news is that Apptension SaaS Boilerplate understands this challenge and has a simple tool to get you started. Here are its key features that you can use to start your project immediately instead of spending weeks developing the same feature every time you need to bring a digital product to market.

User authentication and login

SaaS Boilerplate removed coding from features such as password creation and reset, validation and access, out-of-the-box authentication, tokens, terms and conditions page. Instead, these features come in a pre-packaged box.

Subscriptions and payments

Coding subscriptions can be a big headache because not all trials end up in the paid plan; some just end. Yet some credit cards don’t just work the first time; instead, users need another chance and more. However, developers can comfortably use the out-of-the-box Boilerplate SaaS code snippets with the following:

  • Credit card support
  • Edit, manage and cancel packages
  • Free Trials
  • Automatic and manual refunds
  • Recurring and one-time payments
  • …and more


Your development team can create email templates in React, giving you more freedom to communicate with your users.

Does it take time to get familiar with the Boilerplate SaaS?

Developers take a long time to build certain features, and it’s not a process they enjoy. But the entire onboarding and setup process with SaaS Boilerplate takes 3 days, which you can’t compare to the several weeks you need when starting from scratch. Then your developers will use its wonderful modules to embark on new projects.

Additionally, SaaS Boilerplate has an auto-scaling feature that allows you to tie resources based on current demand and scale medium-sized applications. Indeed, you need SaaS Boilerplate because your business needs to deliver digital products to market as soon as possible. This tool provides pre-built code snippets that reduce development time as it eliminates repetitive development of core SaaS functionality. Developers burn themselves out by repeatedly reinventing existing code solutions, and many SaaS businesses will benefit from this one-size-fits-all product.

You can test if the Respond Go-anywhere SaaS is a good choice for your business by watching the demo video.