InnoVint software: giving winemakers back their art

Winemakers love the art of making wine, but often get caught up in paperwork and tedious management tasks. Keeping handwritten lists, verbally delegating harvesting tasks, manually entering lab results into Excel spreadsheets, and organizing data for TTB reports aren’t where winemakers want to spend their time.

It’s also not a profitable use, especially for custom crushing facilities, where winemakers manage multiple clients with separate inventories and a need for progress updates. A Napa facility got rid of the cost of extra help and saved more than 32 hours a week when it switched to using software, allowing winemakers to focus on making wines from clients.

The software they chose was InnoVint, a day-to-day workflow software that helps winemakers manage winemaker contracts, schedule crush arrivals, calculate tank capacity for fermentation, make blending and everything from bud break to bottling. The founder’s vision was to streamline the inefficiencies of winemaking and allow winemakers to get back to their craft.

“Excel is our biggest competitor,” laughs Kevin Williams, InnoVint’s sales manager. “Most wineries still run their business using spreadsheets and notebooks. They have yet to invest in examining their production through a modern lens. Wineries want information that helps them make better decisions and gain efficiencies to produce better wine at a better cost for higher profitability. »

InnoVint has the knowledge and technological experience of winemakers to meet wineries where they are with an accessible solution. Some examples of what makes InnoVint a star:

  • No Barriers to Internet Connectivity ― Wineries are often hesitant to move from Excel and paper to cloud-based software due to poor internet connectivity, especially in the vineyard. InnoVint fixed this so users could add data to their phones in real time and trust the software to update when it reconnects.
  • Track costs from vineyard to cash, including understanding profit on wine sales― Wineries can increase the accuracy of their cost accounting and easily calculate profitability.
  • Complete Traceability in One View ― InnoVint stays on top of strict labeling regulations for tracking additives and ingredients to protect wineries from errors and oversights that could trigger audits.
  • TTB Reporting with just a few mouse clicks.
  • 3D Tank Maps ― InnoVint provides a virtual reality spatial view of tanks and barrels, allowing cellar masters to drag and drop them like in a video game, or interact with critical status data such as capacity , fill date and quantity, and open work orders.

Whether you are a small winery, a large custom crushing facility, or an enterprise-level organization, InnoVint will help you move from legacy paper or software that doesn’t work for your business to a solution that prioritizes winemaking. Winemakers say InnoVint enables them to achieve high quality wines by shifting their time from the headaches and busy work of running a business to the joy and rewards of wine making.

Stop by the InnoVint booth to chat with the team about how to integrate your winery into InnoVint’s modern winemaking management lens.

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