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Spending on education is high all over the world. This cost becomes even higher if you want to use educational software on your computer. You might be searching the internet for the best educational software for your kids or for yourself. If you use a Linux distribution, we can help you find a list of the best educational Linux software. If you are a student, you may doubt that Linux rarely offers software for educational purposes. The applications we offer are generally intended for professionals, amateurs, students, etc., mainly adults.

But children, too, are using computers more than ever, and the formidable Linux platform offers them a wide range of software to engage and learn. As a student, you should always be on the lookout for new tools, software, online writing programs, and resources that can help you with various subjects and assignments. Linux is an open source operating system that students love to use because of the excellent educational software it offers. If you’re not sure what Linux has to offer but want to get started, read on.

The best educational software for Linux


Polar is a powerful desktop app for managing all your web content, books, and notes. Polar stores all your content in one place, supports tagging, annotations and highlighting, and tracks your reading progress. A powerful offline browser for Mac, Windows, and Linux that lets you manage all your web content, books, and notes. Polar stores all your content in one place, supports tagging, annotations, highlighting and tracks your reading progress.

POLAR allows you to store all your documents, notes and flashcards in one place. Never lose sight of what you read again. Annotate documents as you read them and sync them with review systems like Anki so you never forget important information again.


Anki is a program designed to help you memorize facts (such as words and phrases in a foreign language) as easily, quickly, and efficiently as possible. It does this by tracking how well you remember each fact and using that information to schedule optimal reading times. Anki is a program that makes it easy to memorize things. As it is much more efficient than traditional learning methods, it can significantly reduce your learning time or dramatically increase your learning progress.

Anyone who needs to remember things in their daily life can benefit from Anki. Since Anki is content-agnostic and supports images, audio, video, and scientific markup (via LaTeX), the possibilities are endless.


KBruch is a small program to practice arithmetic with fractions and percentages. For this, several exercises are proposed and you can use the learning mode to practice with fractions. The program checks user input and gives feedback. Mathematics is a lesson of counting numbers, and almost 50% of students in the school learn less of this lesson due to factors such as poor teacher instruction, difficult materials, etc.

This time I have introduced an application which can be used to learn math easily and quickly. The name of this app is Kbruch, this app is specially designed for learning math fractions.


GeoGebra is an open-source cross-platform dynamic mathematical software for learning and teaching. In particular, this application is a dynamic mathematical software for all levels of education. It combines arithmetic, geometry, algebra and calculus. It also provides multiple representations of objects in its graph, algebra, and spreadsheet views, all connected dynamically.

Sketches can be created with points, vectors, segments, lines, polygons, conic sections and features. All constructions can be dynamically modified. Items can be entered and edited directly on screen or from the command line. GeoGebra can use variables for numbers, vectors and points, find derivatives and integrals of functions and has a full set of commands such as root or extremum.

Google Earth

Originally called EarthViewer 3D, Google Earth is a mapping and geographic information program. This program was acquired by Google in 2004. It shows satellite images of the Earth with different resolutions, which allows us to see cities, houses, places, etc. This program became popular soon after its release, and the power of this program is amazing. . You can use this tool to display satellite images, maps, buildings, galaxies, and even the deepest depths of the ocean.

With this tool, you can explore the whole world with your mouse and keyboard, you can zoom from space to street or house level, you can view your GPS tracks and share those details with others, and with the historical imagination function, you can go back in time. the weather. You can calculate areas and distances with the built-in measuring tool. You can also use and print high resolution Google Earth images for your presentations and reports. There is a long list of functions and tasks that you can perform using Google Earth.


Kig is interactive math software for learning and teaching geometry. It allows you to explore mathematical figures and concepts with the computer and can also be used as a tool for drawing mathematical figures. Constructions can be created with points, vectors, lines and polygons and all elements can be modified directly with the mouse.

Kig helps teachers and students make conjectures and figure out how to prove geometric theorems. Kig supports macros and supports scripting with Python. You can import and export files in various formats, including SVG, Cabri, Dr Geo, KGeo, KSeg, and XFig.


Raspberry Pi users are probably already familiar with it. This application is perfect for encouraging the imagination and creativity of the little ones. Scratch lets you create simple video games, animations, interactive stories, and more. A great versatility that makes it an ideal companion for classrooms.


Calcium is a periodic table application for KDE that not only displays detailed information about elements and allows you to view the periodic table with different diagrams, but also performs various calculations, displays data based on different factors or balances chemical equations. It is a useful educational tool that can be of great help in learning the chemical elements.

Calcium is KDE’s chemical/periodic table app that can be a great help for learning chemical elements, balancing chemical equations, doing basic calculations, or just as a database for chemical elements.


Linux offers great educational software and lots of great tools to help students of all levels and ages learn and practice a variety of topics, often interactively. The Learning with Linux article series provides an introduction to a variety of educational applications and software.

KGeography is a free and open source program for learning geography (maps, information on regions) which also allows you to test your knowledge. KGeography is a tool for learning world geography. You can use it to explore a map, view information about regions and features, and play trivia games to test your geography knowledge.


Mendeley is a Linux learning app designed specifically for research students. As a student, you will most likely be faced with research assignments during your studies. Mendeley makes this process simple and efficient for you.

The app lets you manage and share your fonts. You can also import a variety of documents from different sources. Additionally, Mendeley has a social network that allows researchers to collaborate and support each other. You can choose whether you want to participate in the community privately or publicly.

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