Mitsuhiro Miyazaki joins as SVP of Product Management for Azure Gaming Australia

Azure Gaming Australia Pty Ltd, a provider of gaming machines and products, has appointed Mitsuhiro Miyazaki as the new SVP of Product Management for Asia Pacific. As part of his role, Miyazaki will now be in charge of the company’s development and operations in New Zealand and Australia.

Miyazaki’s expertise is welcome in Azure Gaming

Miyazaki will leverage its industry expertise to better understand and interpret local needs, forecast demand and chart the production roadmap for the region. He will be responsible for proposing insightful strategies within the R&D team and ensuring that compliance and sales objectives are met.

As part of his role, Miyazaki will also have to work to increase sales in a sustained and exponential manner, by analyzing consumer and customer demand and intervening in a preventive manner. Miyazaki is a trusted professional and as such will also serve as Director of Azure Gaming Australia, once the official licensing process is complete.

He will work on this venture with Cameron Louis and Robert Ziems, two other Azure Gaming executives. Azure Gaming remains confident of Miyazaki’s deep knowledge. The company cited both its product and R&D experience as a strong asset that will only help grow the company’s offering.

Azure Global CTO and President Masumi Fujisawa welcomed the new leader and expressed confidence that he will be a strong addition to an already successful team:

We believe the wealth of experience that Mr. Miyazaki brings with him will help strengthen Aruze’s product research, planning and roadmaps throughout the Asia-Pacific region.

Azure Global CTO and President Masumi Fujisawa

Miyazaki’s expertise has been actively honed and shaped within the framework of other large conglomerates, including Konami Australia.

An experienced and seasoned industry veteran

He has held a variety of positions within the company, including Managing Director of the Australian subsidiary, but also other leadership roles within the world-renowned company’s international sales operations, including Konami’s US operations.

His technology and business experience is especially valuable to Azure Gaming today. Miyazaki has worked with Hitachi Ltd and Renesas Technology Corporation, and his industry acumen and knowledge will now hopefully allow him to quickly settle on the job and help lead the expansion of Azure Gaming in Asia-Pacific.