New software cuts wait times and increases options for Chilton County label office – The Clanton Advertiser

By JOYANNA LOVE | Chief Editor

Chilton County Tag Division’s software upgrades make it easier and faster to register and renew your vehicle.

Revenue Commissioner Tim Little, who runs the beacon service, said he had wanted to upgrade the system for 19 years.

“It just hasn’t been doable so far,” Little said.

A major difference in the new software is that it will allow more residents to renew their badge online at any time with a more user-friendly format.

Few said it would reduce the number of people coming to the beacon office, while making it more convenient for the community.

“The first year I was here was 2003. That year, between tags and titles and everything we did, 39,000 total transactions,” Little said.

Last year, the office completed just under 100,000 transactions.

Few said that was accomplished with only a slight increase in staff.

“The only reason we were able to track as well as we were was the online (transactions) we had,” Little said.

The new Ingenuity software was rolled out on June 1 and has been well received.

“It took us into 2022,” chief beacon clerk Angela Fulmer said of the software.

She said the staff had been nervous about the transition, but it went very well.

Online and in-house payments can now be processed more easily and instantly, rather than having to download at the end of the day.

Barcodes on outgoing invoices will also reduce the time it takes to process a renewal in person.

Fulmer said a major difference with the new system is that it can calculate penalties allowing those with an expired tag for less than a year to be able to renew online.

She said the system will also allow those with a title application in Alabama to register their vehicle online through the easy tag program for a $10 processing fee. (Fees go to Ingenuity.)

“You download your driver’s license, insurance, title application and bill of sale directly from your phone,” Fulmer said. “They come in, before they send it to us, and they look and make sure everything is correct. They send it to us, once they’ve approved it.

The Chilton County Tag Division would then send an invoice for the cost of the recording.

Fulmer said several people have already taken advantage of it.

If the information is incomplete or there is another issue that requires a resident to come to the office after attempting to register online, the processing fee will be refunded.

The new system is internet cloud based with the necessary security measures and safeguards in place.

Online registration and renewals can be done at

The system upgrade utilized all existing computers and other hardware. The new software will cost about the same as the system used by the beacon division, while eliminating the need for additional companies to make it all work.

A new look for the Chilton County Revenue website at is also in the works.

“It’s going to be awesome,” Fulmer said. “They hope to roll it out in September/October.”

An app for mobile use will also be available.

Future plans also include the ability for residents to sign up for email reminders for bills. Little pointed out that those email addresses would not be shared.

This software will be implemented for the real estate division in October.

Plans for a satellite beacon office in Maplesville one day a week and in Jemison a few days a week are also being developed to increase convenience for residents of these areas. Few said it would be a 2023 project and only became a possibility due to the move to an internet-based system.

Little says the office maximized her physical space.

“If I move half of our operations to these satellite offices,” Little said. “My office has just doubled in size, and we’re going to be able to do that with a very limited increase in staff.”

The Tag division currently has nine employees.