Nrwl raises $8.6 million to accelerate software development

Nrwl, a startup with a popular software development tool used by half of the Fortune 500 today announcement that it closed an $8.6 million seed funding round.

Andreessen Horowitz and Nexus Venture Partners jointly led the round. A number of angel investors also participated.

The task of transforming software code written by a company’s developers into a working application is known as the build process. As part of the build process, developers test their code to make sure it doesn’t contain security vulnerabilities or other flaws. The finalized code is then packaged into a file format that allows it to run on user devices or data center infrastructure.

Software teams automate many of the steps involved in the build process using a type of tool called a build system. Nrwl, incorporated as Narwhal Technologies Inc., is the developer of a popular open source build system known as Nx. The startup claims that Nx is used by more than 1.5 million developers as well as half of Fortune 500 companies.

One of the factors behind Nx’s popularity is that it can reduce the time it takes to complete software releases. Building an application can take a long time when there are a large number of code files to process, which is often the case in enterprise software projects. Task acceleration enables enterprise software teams to complete application projects faster.

The construction process involves many calculations that must be repeated several times. Nrwl’s Nx system speeds up processing by storing the results of frequently recurring calculations in a cache. As a result, Nx doesn’t have to calculate results from scratch on every occasion, just fetch them from cache, which saves time.

Nrwl markets Nx with a cloud-based managed version of the tool called Nx Cloud. Nx Cloud does not require companies to manage the infrastructure it runs on and also automates a number of other maintenance tasks.

According to Nrwl, Nx Cloud also offers features to optimize the software creation process. A capability called distributed task execution distributes the computations involved in software releases across multiple servers, which can significantly reduce processing times. The feature is available with an analysis tool that can identify other ways to improve performance.

Another major selling point of Nx Cloud is that it supports the so-called monorepo approach to software development.

Developers store code files in a software environment called a code repository. Typically, organizations store the code files for each application they develop in a separate repository. The monorepo approach involves storing all of a company’s code in a single repository rather than multiple repositories, which can make some development tasks easier.

“We’ve determined that Nx and Nx Cloud have saved more than 250 years of compute time since we started measuring,” Nrwl co-founder and CEO Jeff Cross detailed in a post. blog post.

Nrwl will use proceeds from its recently announced funding round to develop additional features for Nx and Nx Cloud. The startup also plans to enhance Nx Enterprise, a version of Nx Cloud that organizations can deploy on their own infrastructure.

“Some of the world’s biggest brands rely on Nx Enterprise to help their developers get their products and features to market much faster,” said Cross. “A repository powered by Nx Enterprise saves over 40,000 hours per month of compute time.”

Photo: Unsplash

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