Partnership to reduce white vehicle body development time Metrology and Quality News

Dassault Systèmes has announced that it is working with the BMW Group to implement solutions aimed at increasing the efficiency of vehicle development programs. With BMW Group’s valuable contribution of deep process and specialist know-how, the two companies have collaborated to create a process-oriented, industry-ready solution for sheet metal stamping part definition and die design. stamping which will increase the efficiency of part design. and manufacturing process.

Dassault Systèmes’ CATIA Stamping Die Face Design application provides a seamless tooling experience used in the development of high-quality stamped body and chassis parts.

Based on a detailed description of the production concept, the automated validation of the manufacturing process can be started in an early development phase. Errors recognized and eliminated before the industrialization stage will help save costs and time in the manufacturing process.

The CATIA Stamping Die Face Design application provides digital continuity throughout all phases of the development process. It also helps users reduce manual efforts by making all relevant information such as process and geometry available for subsequent process steps, including press line simulation or cost calculation.

In addition, the CATIA Stamping Die Face Design application provides specialized method planning and advanced surface design features that allow a company to capture and reuse stamping-specific knowledge.

“BMW Group and Dassault Systèmes have worked in a trusted partnership relationship for years, and our co-developed solution has now been successfully implemented into the BMW Group production system,” said Laurence Montanari, Vice President, Transportation and Mobility Industry, Dassault Systèmes. “Our CATIA Stamping Die Face Design application can help automakers and their suppliers optimize stamped body-in-white or chassis parts and tooling engineering, while reducing tooling costs. and associated design time. Tooling design and manufacturing represent a significant portion of vehicle development cost, and tooling optimization is a key competitive factor.

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