Product Ninjas launches product management services and chatbots for Indian startups

November 16, 2022 5:06 p.m. STI

New Delhi [India], Nov 16 (ANI/SRV): Industry leader Product Ninjas has launched its product management services and chatbots for the Indian startup ecosystem. Additionally, services such as Product Consulting and Interim Product Leadership are also offered, allowing startups to build their product teams.
A product manager plays a critical role in building and launching these products, and to achieve this, they often work with developers, designers, analysts, digital marketers, and other stakeholders as needed. of the requirement. During this journey, a product manager develops a 360-degree view of the business, which helps them create the right products that customers love.
In today’s world, people often indulge in apps like Youtube, Whatsapp, Instagram, Swiggy, Paytm, Uber, Ola etc., and it’s hard to imagine a day without these apps. However, one wonders how these digital products are constructed which not only make life comfortable but also solve daily problems.
Before becoming the CEOs of Google and Microsoft, Sundar Pichai and Satya Nadella were product managers, and they learned how to influence and create great products that the world loves.
Startups need product managers to build their product (app/website) that solves a customer’s problem and recruiting the right product manager is a difficult task as it takes months to get an ideal fit that checks all the settings. However, companies must wait for that ideal candidate to join, and then wait later for those candidates to catch up.
Recognizing this basic need – the lack of readily available expertise product managers – Srikanishka, the founder of Product Ninjas Technologies had started a product management and consulting services company.
Currently, their team includes passionate product managers who enjoy solving problems and creating great products and soon they will be foraying into product design services as well. During this trip, the Product Ninjas team has also helped D2C startups and e-commerce businesses with their services (Product Management and Whatsapp Chatbots) in India and abroad.

Interested startups or digital businesses who are passionate about creating digital products and need help with product management or chatbot services can contact them at +91 6301778958 or email [email protected] com.
Whether it’s finding the right product marketplace for a startup or product discovery to find the next high-impact product or feature, the Product Ninjas team can help. Or even if you’re a non-tech founder and don’t know how to build your product, they walk you through the product development process with their consulting services. For startups, Product Ninjas can complement their product management team, bringing their expertise. Currently, their revenue model is based on services provided and has both fixed project-based pricing and also hourly pricing based on resource bandwidth.
Speaking to one of the customers they worked with, they said the experience was simple, lean and faster. Here’s how it goes, first interesting startup founders schedule a call with the Product Ninjas team to discuss their product management requirements. Once the requirements are captured, the Ninjas team comes back with possible approaches and solutions for working with these startups, then agrees on the advertisements. If both parties are aligned on deliverables, they sign a mutual contract before starting work. All deliverables of product management work are well planned, and now both parties are collaborating to achieve this.
How is it useful for startups?
Instead of spending their precious time and money continuing to search for the right product manager, they build the product faster and actually at a slightly lower cost than hiring an employee, which results in validation ideas and more efficient creation of scalable products.
Moreover, with a wide range of experience and expertise in working with multiple startups, the founder, Srikanishka himself is a product management leader and has worked in Indian startups like OYO, PayTM and Ola with high performing teams. By honing and mastering these skills for a decade, he now leads Product Ninjas Technologies to fulfill this fundamental need to offer product management and consulting services to startups. To learn more about their services, visit or contact them at the contact details mentioned above.
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