Software contract ends, manual ticketing is back on government buses – The New Indian Express

Express press service

COIMBATORE: The Tamil Nadu State Transport Corporation (TNSTC) has reverted to the manual ticketing system as the service and maintenance contract awarded to a private player for portable electronic devices has come to an end.

The state government introduced GPS-based electronic ticket machines in 2013 as a pilot project and adopted them for full-fledged operation for a period of five years. The software and maintenance of the devices was outsourced to a Hyderabad-based technology company. Sources said the contract ended three years ago after which TNSTC reverted to manual tickets.

Drivers find it difficult to adapt to the old method of keeping records of tickets sold and calculating the fare in stages.

Rajesh (name changed), who works on the Coimbatore – Pollachi route, said: “Technology has simplified our work as we don’t need to keep track of the details of the ticket sold on stage and the amount collected. Since We have been issuing tickets manually for over two years.Even experienced drivers face problems maintaining proper registration whenever there are crowds on the buses.

Mr Anburaj, a union member of TNSTC employees, said: “In the manual method of issuing tickets, not only drivers, passengers have to pay extra. For example, the fare from Coimbatore to Poondi ( Isha) is 37 in an ordinary fare bus. During rush hours, passengers are issued a 50 ` ticket as instructed by the authorities. In the electronic method, the fare cannot be forged. Since the ticket electronically indicates the fare with the names of the stages, passengers would not be deceived into providing a ticket with an additional fare that they would easily identify.

When contacted, a senior official in the commercial wing of TNSTC said: “The contract with the private company ended three years ago, and we have no choice but to come back. to the manual ticketing method. Based on our continued recommendation, the Ministry of Transport has decided to re-tender the electronic ticketing system. But, we do not know when the method will be rolled out. .