Software to match price bond numbers

The government has developed software to allow owners of price bonds that cost Tk 100 each to find the result of the draw in a move that is likely to help investors, many of whom don’t even check the results due to the difficulty in matching each number of the results.

Called Prize Bond Result Inquiry Software (PBRIS), the program was officially launched yesterday by the Department of Finance’s Internal Resources Division (IRD) at an event at the headquarters of the National Board of Revenue (NBR).

Prize bond buyers will be able to upload their claim forms through the software and get more information regarding the raffle, said Abu Hena Md Rahmatul Muneem, Principal Secretary of the IRD, at the inauguration of the software. .

Muneem, who is also the chairman of NBR, went on to say that there are two ways to search the results through the software. One is to type the number directly into the search field and the other is to download the number.

Shah Alam, director of IRD’s National Savings Department, said that as many people do not claim the prizes, a lot of money remains unclaimed.

Alam said that since the number of digits in the prize voucher is seven, it takes a long time to match those after the draw.

If someone has 5,000 prize vouchers, they will know in a minute whether they have won the prize or not through this web-based software.

Efforts have been underway for a year to create this software, Alam added.

Muneem said price bonds used to be very popular, but are slowly losing popularity because it takes a long time to match results.

“We want to popularize the bond price. As part of this, we have launched this software. Our IRD’s IT team has created this beautiful software with the help of its own manpower. I hope this software will be useful,” he added. .

An NBR official said shoppers could also subscribe to emails for free.

They will be informed of the results of the bond draw on January 31, April 30, July 31 and October 31.