Stay ahead of the product management curve with the Kellogg Executive Education Advantage

We live in a commodity economy. Whether it’s a multinational or a micro start-up, products are the basis of growth. But developing and managing a product throughout its life cycle has become increasingly complex due to ever-increasing customer expectations and technological change. As new entrants and technology disrupt growth, many teams struggle to execute viable products that delight customers and drive business value.

This is why C-suite leaders focus primarily on developing and building new products at the top, but new product launches rarely hit one or more of their targeted business goals. Although product management suffers from a difficult innovation process, the organizational need to invest, internally develop and launch successful products remains strong.

Today’s top CEOs, from Microsoft’s Satya Nadella, Google’s Sundar Pichai to former Yahoo! CEO Marissa Mayer and YouTube’s Susan Wojcicki, were product managers before becoming CEOs. Product managers are, in essence, the de facto CEOs of their products, and 42% of product managers report directly to the board of directors, according to the Product Management Survey, 2021, which offers them unlimited contact time with the management and shareholders. Additionally, the demand for product managers who can align all stakeholders involved in launching or improving a product, while providing strategic insight, is high.

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To meet this demand, Kellogg Executive Education at Northwestern University, ranked #1 for Marketing by US News & World Report (2022) and acclaimed for having 19 alumni as CEOs of Fortune 500 companies, launched the Post Graduate Certificate in Product Management. Led by Professor Mohanbir Sawhney – a world-renowned academic, educator and author in driving product innovation and customer focus to drive business success, this program will help you become a leader Next-Gen Product Manager or “mini-CEO” as McKinsey & Co, 2020 calls it. You will gain a 360-degree understanding of envisioning, innovating and developing cutting-edge digital products and experiences through to design strategies.

Who should enroll in the Kellogg Executive Education Product Management Certificate Program?

If you are a mid- to senior-level professional with more than eight years of work experience, join this program to gain expertise in driving product management and contributing to business growth. Or maybe you’re a professional interested in making a lateral career change from an adjacent field such as sales, marketing, engineering, and UI/UX. This program can help you develop your skills in understanding the implications of technology on the product portfolio and managing cross-functional roles in product management.

Additionally, you will learn how to develop and manage a product roadmap through user research, prototyping, and product analysis. Organized into three pillars focusing on UX design, agile methodology, and data science and analytics, this program can be ideal for a range of professionals. After completing this program, you will prepare for roles such as Product Manager/Product Owner, Associate Product Manager, Product Manager, Product Specialist, eCommerce Product Manager and more.

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What sets this product management program apart from Kellogg Executive Education?

This 36-week online program offers a uniquely integrated experience in technical and soft skills, covering areas such as user research, prototyping and product analysis. During the first phase, you will learn how to create a prototype focused on customer information, understand product requirements, design your business model and map your strategy. Then, in the go-to-market phase, you learn how to communicate like a pro, develop a “Growth Hacker” mindset, and manage stakeholder relationships. This whole learning journey offers the following takeaways:

  • You learn to master the end-to-end process of product discovery, design, development, delivery and management
  • Use the strategic thinking and tactical implementation skills necessary to become a professional product manager
  • Obtain certifications in product management tools and methodologies, including project management, A/B testing (Optimizely), and analytics (Google Analytics)
  • Sharpen your communication, negotiation and influencing skills to effectively manage people and relationships
  • Apply frameworks and tools to develop a product marketing plan from start to finish

Throughout the program you will engage in a wide range of case studies and business examples and conclude with a capstone project in which you will design a product management plan to develop a product and bring it to market . Whether you are already in the product industry or making a change, this career-defining program will equip you with the end-to-end strategic and tactical skills necessary to become a skilled and professional product manager capable of driving growth-oriented product management. .

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According to Product Plan’s 2021 State of Product Management annual report, 45% of product managers have an advanced qualification. Stay relevant to the industry and accelerate your career growth to gain an edge over your peers with Eruditus Career Services, which includes:

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Enroll in this program to advance in your career with the Certificate of Completion from Kellogg Executive Education and access to Eruditus career services which include mentoring sessions, resume writing workshops, interview preparation, placement assistance and much more. Upon successful completion of the program, Kellogg Executive Education will also grant you a verified digital certificate of completion.

Key program details:

  • Start date: March 31, 2022
  • Costs: INR 2,62,500 + GST
  • Duration: 36 weeks, online (10-12 hours/week)
  • Next registration deadline: March 30, 2022

Applications are now open for Kellogg’s Graduate Certificate in Product Management program with flexible payment options and multiple enrollment discounts. The program is offered as part of a digital, transparent and high-engagement learning experience. Efficiently manage the end-to-end product lifecycle and drive business success with the Kellogg Advantage by signing up quickly. Visit the program page for details, and interested applicants should apply by March 30, 2022.

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