Symmetry Software announces Webhooks by Symmetry, enabling modern fintech apps to stay current with critical payroll updates.

Webhooks by Symmetry offers a new way to manage the burden of keeping up with constant tax changes through technology.

“We are thrilled to offer Webhooks by Symmetry. This product will allow development teams to speed time to market and reduce the burden of tracking changing data in the fiscal engine.” Billy Long, Chief Architect

Symmetry Software launched a new notification service, Webhooks by symmetrywhich keeps modern fintech apps up to date with critical payroll updates.

Webhooks by Symmetry is a notification service that keeps your application programmatically in sync with critical tax updates driven by the Symmetry Tax Engine. Payroll tax changes occur frequently, and the process of updating applications affecting payroll tax calculations can be complex and time-consuming. Changes occur throughout the year as new taxes are added, modified, or removed or other jurisdictional settings such as withholding form fields are updated. If these updates are not managed properly, the data used to calculate payroll taxes may become outdated or exclude new data needed for accurate payroll calculations. Webhooks by Symmetry offers a solution to manage this burden of keeping up with constant tax changes through technology.

The Webhooks by symmetry The interface allows you to register custom webhooks in a developer portal. The webhook will send data to your app based on specific events within the Symmetry tax engine, including changes in tax rates, addition of new taxes and tax IDs, changes in jurisdiction settings, and more. Automated alerts allow modern service providers to update their applications in real time. In addition to webhooks, you can also sign up to receive personalized email notifications sent when a tax change that matters most to you occurs.

Never miss a payroll update again with Webhooks by Symmetry. Here are some examples of the types of applications that could benefit:

  • Any developer needing the latest payroll tax changes, including new taxes, tax rate changes, and jurisdiction settings
  • B2B platforms that want to innovate on payroll
  • Developers who touch HR and tax who need point solutions for automation
  • Software vendors creating a new application or supplementing an existing payroll application

“We are excited to offer Webhooks by Symmetry. This product will allow development teams to speed time to market and reduce the burden of keeping up with changing data in the fiscal engine. For non-technical users, the email functionality will provide clients with another way to be notified of changes that may affect their tax calculations.” Billy Long, Chief Architect

As the payroll infrastructure for payroll software and platforms, Symmetry Software has had the privilege of powering the paychecks of over 64 million workers every year. With our tax compliance expertise spanning nearly 40 years, we’ve been able to help America’s largest service providers and employers solve complex tax issues. Our mission at Symmetry has always been to help our clients calculate the right taxes the first time and speed compliance with a technology-based approach to payroll taxes.

For more information on how to get started using Webhooks by Symmetry, check out our webhooks websitewhich includes a list of our supported webhook events.

About Symmetry Software

Symmetry Software is the payroll infrastructure for the payroll software and platforms that power the paychecks of more than 64 million workers each year. Our fully integrated suite of payroll APIs and software tools helps companies solve complex tax compliance issues and enables service providers to build applications for the entire payroll process. Symmetry’s tools were built on 37 years of experience in payroll tax withholding software and make our customers’ processes more automated, efficient, error-free, and regulatory compliant. Symmetry’s products include Symmetry Tax Engine®, Symmetry Payroll Forms™, Symmetry Payroll Point®, Symmetry Minimum Wage Finder and Calculators by Symmetry. Since 1984, Symmetry Software has been helping customers deliver great payroll through powerful technology.

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