Top 5 HR software solutions used by most managers in the sector

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March 8, 2022

Industries Must Use Top 5 HR Software Solutions to Reap the Benefits of Automation

Human resources need the help of cutting-edge technology and high-end software solutions. Also called HR management software, these solutions help the HR department and managers navigate through a wide range of activities and responsibilities.

From the hiring process to employee onboarding, scheduling, compliance, and overall benefits, HR departments can run seamlessly using the right technology. It’s ultimately about automating and ensuring that HR workflows are seamless for each employee and the entire department. So, regardless of industry and size, most companies have started using specialized HR software solutions.

Importance of HR software solutions

These breakthrough solutions help reduce potential challenges in business workflows while increasing efficiency and improving the employee experience. The best HR software solution will help you organize your business and efficiently manage the back office simultaneously. Employees are able to update their respective changes, time off is tracked correctly, paychecks are sent on time, and much more – a reliable HR software solution can ensure everything is on track with minimal of work.

Top 5 HR Software Solutions for HR Managers

#1 Use of HRIS Systems

A HRIS or Human Resources Information System is the most widely used software system in the HR sector. The HRIS can be considered as a system dedicated to the collection and storage of employee data of an organization.

In most cases, an HRIS includes the basic functionality required for end-to-end HRM or human resource management. It is a system dedicated to performance management, recruitment, development, learning, etc. The HRIS can either run on the company’s technical infrastructure or be cloud-based. Some of the additional benefits of HRIS software systems are:

  • Record keeping
  • Compliance
  • Efficiency
  • A dedicated HR strategy
  • Self service

Working with HRIS offers multiple benefits for HR, employees and the entire organization. The use of HRIS is especially useful for large-scale organizations to support a wide range of HR functions.

#2 Payroll

The job of a human resources manager can be exhausting, especially if the professional uses manual payroll systems and traditional work. With the help of latest technological advancements, you can use a dedicated cloud-based HR software system to facilitate business operations and increase return on investment.

A payroll software solution is an application used to manage, maintain and automate the payments of employees in the organization. Automated payroll software uses programmed functions capable of compiling and calculating employee payroll online on a secure platform.

Cloud-based payroll software systems can be used to store and maintain all employee data securely on a cloud system or secure server. This data can be accessed when needed via a mobile app, laptop or browser. Additionally, the user-friendly nature of the software allows the HR manager to make direct deposits while generating payroll reports.

#3 Applicant Tracking Systems

A Applicant Tracking System or ATS is a specialized tool or program designed to streamline the recruiting process. This helps simplify and automate the overall experience, from posting jobs to receiving relevant applications to hiring the right employees. A good applicant tracking system helps improve the hiring process for candidates and recruiters.

Some of the common features of an advanced ATS are:
  • Simplified job offers on several sites
  • Automated email responses
  • Central storage of candidate data
  • Interview planning
  • Messaging Capabilities
  • Review of applications of potential matches
  • Integrated communication channels
  • Employer brand
  • Recruitment analysis and reports
  • Social sharing
Some of the main advantages of using a dedicated ATS solution are:
  • Accelerate the recruitment process
  • Improve the quality of hires
  • Provide an improved candidate experience
  • Offer improved reports
  • Lighten the HR workload
#4 Learning Management Systems

Learning management systems are dedicated software applications that can be used for online training and education courses. They are an excellent method for training new employees in a company or for delivering online courses or lectures in educational institutions. Key features of the LMS have made it an increasingly popular choice among educational institutions and organizations. Integrating HR with the LMS can provide a wide range of benefits.

Here are some benefits to look for:
  • Accurate and simplified data entry
  • Identify the right talent
  • Easier onboarding and onboarding process
  • Effective online training
  • Analyzes and models
  • Cost savings
#5 Performance Management Systems

The right performance management system can ensure that employee activities and results align with broader business goals. An effective performance management system strategy is critical to the overall success of your business as well as employee productivity. Some of the benefits of a performance management system for HR departments are:

  • Highlight training gaps where additional training might be needed
  • Improve workforce planning – like managing delegation and workloads
  • Identify the right employees for promotion
  • Boost employee morale – in turn, boost performance and productivity
  • Offer employees greater autonomy in the management of their responsibilities
  • Boost employee retention and reduce turnover

Performance management systems are defined as the processes or activities that focus on skills and resources while supporting the maintenance and improvement of employee performance. Effective performance management systems can help foster open dialogue between management, employees and the entire organization. This helps to build trust and ensure that everyone feels more engaged and supported throughout. Without a dedicated performance management system, employees are more likely to feel detached from their job and their role within the organization. This will result in greater staff turnover.


A high-performing HR team will need access to a reliable, feature-rich HR software solution to compete in the modern age. You can use an interactive and easy to understand HR tool to improve productivity and efficiency within the organization. Depending on your specific business needs, use the right HR software solution.

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