Tulip welcomes Roberto Grandillo as Executive Vice President, Product Management

Roberto Grandillo assumes the role of Executive Vice President, Product Management for Tulip, a global leader in cloud-based mobile retail solutions.

TORONTO, May 52022 /PRNewswire/ — Tulip is pleased to announce the appointment of Roberto Grandillo in the role of Executive Vice President of Product Management. As Executive Vice President, Roberto will provide leadership to the Product Management team, shaping the product vision and strategy for all Tulip products as the company continues to innovate into the future.

Roberto has extensive experience in product management and development, most recently serving as Vice President of Product Development and Head of Retail at Lightspeed Commerce, where he led the development of the product portfolio of retail. Previously, Roberto held the title of CTO at LANDR Audio, where he oversaw technology and product development for a SaaS-based ecosystem for musicians using machine learning. He has also held various leadership positions in a diverse set of industries such as broadcast at Grass Valley, media and entertainment at Autodesk, and aerospace at CAE which leveraged the expertise he brings to bear today. today. Roberto says the experiences he had in his previous roles sparked his enthusiasm and passion for the retail and commerce space.

“The world of retail is exciting with great potential for innovation and change. Tulip is a major driver of this change,” Roberto said. “I am thrilled to be part of Tulip’s mission for two main reasons. First, the customers: they are amazing brands that we regularly work with to modernize their stores. modernizing retail to the next generation There’s nothing more rewarding than leading the way into the future.

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Tulip provides a suite of cloud-based solutions that enable retailers to overcome industry challenges and set a new standard for omnichannel commerce. In partnership with Apple and Salesforce, Tulip enables sophisticated retailers to connect with customers, fulfill orders, pay for purchases and optimize operations to create the end-to-end experience that customers modern expect. Major retailers like Mulberry, Saks Fifth Avenue, Kendra Scott, Kate SpadeCOACH and Michael Kors use Tulip to improve the shopping experience, increase sales and improve customer service across all channels.

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