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Employee contract

Lattice is an employee success platform that helps teams understand how to maximize employee experiences for peak performance and unmatched engagement. This system tracks employee progress and their level of job satisfaction, and this can be used by managers to ultimately improve retention rates.

trellis growth

What is Lattice Software?

This particular feature is aimed at employee growth and development. It helps companies set clear standards, turns managers into career coaches and puts employees in control of their own development.

Network compensation

What is Lattice Software?

Lattice software allows users to create custom workflows for all types of performance reviews. These customizable and automated workflows can facilitate compensation planning and bonus distribution. By linking performance and compensation, you promote employee engagement and retention.


This allows you to derive insights from people for data-driven HR decisions and use people analytics to drive impact and creativity. It comes with reporting capabilities so that you can get an overview of all the activities related to each employee’s responsibilities within the company.

Performance Management

What is Lattice Software?

This platform helps connect performance, feedback and career growth. It encourages one-on-one meetings, quick feedback among team members, and recognition and celebration of employee wins.